Best Option Trading Strategies for Beginners in 2022

Options help shareholders adapt their investing goals as they see fit. Before investing in the trading portion of trading options, there are a few things you need to understand. Options trading generally requires a few more steps than creating a basic investment account because it calls for knowledge of expert strategies. This blog is about the “Best option trading strategies for beginners in 2022.” We’ll provide basic but essential option trading strategies that, given their ease of use, are ideal for beginners to the market. Let’s begin.

Calling long

Purchasing a naked call is one of the easiest ways to gain access to nifty option trading for beginners since it is simple to comprehend. A long call, or buy of a call, gives the buyer chooses to buy the basic so that they will profit if the price of the underlying grows. There needs to be an increase for investors to use the strategy properly.


Long Put

Related to the long call method, the long-put plan in trading options is used when it is thought that the basis will fall. Based on the last method, the risk will be the same as the price you pay, while the maximum profit is endless. In this strategy, time decay works against you, so it is generally a good idea to stop the plan before it ends because time decay is greatest just before expiry. If you have more time before an option expires, such as 3 months or more.  Bank nifty option trading for beginners is good to use this method plan.


Call Spread Bull

When you have a relatively positive view on the basis, you may use the bull call spread. It is one of the most widely used spread trading strategies. The two legs of this strategy are one in-the-cash call (ITM) and an out-of-the-money call (OTM). The method is carried out by selling one OTM call and purchasing one ITM call. When you begin the transaction, make sure that both strikes are linked to the same basis. Both legs must include the same selection of options and the same expiry date.



Expiration dates can be as little as a single day or as long as one year. The riskiest options to trade are daily and weekly options. It must be done by expert options traders. Annual and monthly expiry dates are ideal for long-term investors. The stock has much more opportunity to move and more time for your trading idea to be realized with longer expiries. A longer expiry time is good because the option can retain time value.  Even if the stock falls below market price, making it more expensive as the expiry time approaches. The time value of an option falls as expiry grows closer, and options buyers do not want to see their investments lose.  Value and possibly expire worthless if the stock falls below market price.



Bank nifty option trading for beginners offers numerous opportunities but first focus on the fundamentals. Beginners first know the market in-depth, and after that they start trading. I hope the following shared plan will be helpful for newcomers.