How Can Continuous HVAC Maintenance Affect Energy Savings?

According to the department of energy, most buildings spend about 38% of their overall energy usage on heating and cooling costs, even though HVAC energy usage was not separately itemized on utility bills. The remaining energy is split between lighting, security, operating mechanical devices like escalators and elevators, and performing computers and office equipment. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that an unexpected increase in your energy usage and bill is caused by your HVAC system not operating correctly. And the primary cause of HVAC systems failing to perform efficiently is a lack of maintenance. In other words, neglecting HVAC maintenance has a detrimental impact on your energy savings and financial position. If you are looking for Best Air Duct Cleaning Service in Colorado Springs, Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning is the best option. They provide the best solution according to your requirements. Here in this post, we discuss How Can Continuous HVAC maintenance affect energy savings.

Maintaining HVAC Systems to Save Energy

The HVAC implementation maintenance to offer optimum energy savings is feasible, and getting started is essentially effortless. The vital step is deciding to switch from reactive to preventative supervision.

Examine the costs of your HVAC repairs

You can encounter difficulties persuading the building owner or HOA that a preventative maintenance program is necessary for various circumstances. If you don’t think this will be an issue, you can review your previous HVAC repair invoices and add up the totals for the last 12 or 24 months. Given that a lack of maintenance can result in the need to replace your commercial HVAC equipment, there is a suitable possibility that if you invested the same sum of money in a preventative maintenance plan, you would notice a cost reduction over the next 12 months.

Find out when the latest inspection of the HVAC system took place

Knowing the date of your HVAC system’s most recent review is crucial. If the response is more recent than a year ago, the last time it broke, or never, a professional examination of your unit is needed. Take a tour of your building if you have any questions about commercial HVAC upkeep. Do some rooms get cold while others get hot? Have your symptoms of a house allergy gotten worse? Even with the air conditioning on, does your building feel stuffy? These are all indications that your HVAC system isn’t functioning appropriately.

Create an HVAC maintenance schedule

Create a preventative HVAC maintenance schedule next. This program will cover tasks that need to be completed every day, every week, every month, every quarter, and every year. Daily duties could include checking the system for parameters that aren’t within the typical range of operation, for instance. These tasks are assisted by BAS systems. Replace the air filter and schedule an HVAC tune-up or inspection to check for system problems like a cooling tower and leaking coils. These are seasonal duties. These duties could also involve adding chemicals to the cool water to prevent corrosion and bacterial growth.


The lifespan of HVAC plants and equipment can be extended by several years thanks to preventative and predictive maintenance, which also lowers the cost of reactive maintenance. Providing the building’s systems are functioning at their peak efficiency and consuming less energy. Energy efficiency can be raised by scheduling routine maintenance on HVAC systems. Although the preliminary results are promising, more precise estimates of the energy savings will spur greater interest among building owners in HVAC system maintenance. The HVAC sector can create better tools to assist facility managers and building owners in figuring out. And that helps how maintenance costs and energy costs relate to one another and to encourage spending on the proper maintenance plan. To get HVAC Services in Colorado Springs, feel free to contact Earth Friendly Air Duct Cleaning service. They surely provide you appropriate service you require.