Why Use Timber Flooring: Benefits and Advantages of Wood for Your Home

Most people are choosing hardwood flooring for their homes today in the current trend. Some people choose this style because the wood has a more classic appearance than carpet or tiles, while others select it because it is simpler to clean and maintain. No matter how modern or ancient a building is, wood flooring offers warmth, personality, and style. Wooden flooring has an initial cost than carpet or linoleum. But if it receives regular maintenance and any necessary repairs are made from time to time, it can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, items like carpets, linoleum, or laminate don’t hold up as well to regular wear and tear over time. As a result, you may find yourself changing these much more frequently over time, which will end up costing you more time and money than you first anticipated. If you are looking for modern timber flooring in Perth, Art of Timber is the best option. As a family-run company, they take a great deal of pleasure in what they do. Let’s discuss why you use timber flooring in your home and its benefits. 


Improve the appearance of your house

Wooden floors give your house a warm, inviting vibe while also adding a sense of elegance. Additionally, it makes your space appear larger than it is. It also improves the appearance of your house and aids in creating a satisfactory first impression on visitors.


Enhances the value of your house

Additionally, hardwood flooring can help extend the importance of your house because purchasers are willing to pay more for them than carpets when it comes time to sell. Many homeowners don’t want a carpet that is used by guests because they see it as a breeding ground for allergic issues. As a result, they are thinking about replacing the carpets in the home, and they would rather have a home with hardwood flooring. Therefore, having hardwood flooring can help you sell your home more quickly if you need to.


Maintenance and cleanliness

Wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain. As a result of the floor’s greater resistance to liquid spills and debris, it is simple to wipe or brush it away. When it comes to cleaning up after kids or dogs, this immediately provides you peace of mind.

Wood flooring is much more hygienic than carpets. This is especially advantageous for allergy patients and pet owners because wood floors cannot contain parasites like fleas, ticks, dust mites, or spores that cause allergies. The ease with which a wooden floor may be cleaned also means that unpleasant pet or spilt liquid aromas won’t be a problem anymore.


Strong and long-lasting

Wooden flooring is popular because of its strength and long endurance, which is one of the key reasons. Yes, these floors are susceptible to dents and scratches, but it is challenging to do so, and with the proper maintenance, hardwood flooring may last a lifetime.

Additionally, as they are made of natural materials, they retain heat better than other types of flooring like laminate, tiles, or stone floors, which are much better and more comfortable overall but especially in colder climes. Because of how wooden floors are constructed, they can withstand considerable foot traffic in residential and commercial settings.


Improved air quality

Hardwood floors help to improve indoor air quality because they do not collect pollutants such as dust, pet dander, pollen, or particle matter. Wooden flooring is the best option if you frequently get sick from allergies. Tile and laminate still have grout lines and embossing even though they don’t contain the carpet’s fibres. Dust and other allergens can easily settle in these grout lines and embossed.


Final Words

Solid hardwoods are a fantastic option with a wealth of advantages if you’re thinking about updating your flooring. It’s difficult to go incorrect with hardwood flooring if you’re looking for flooring that offers timeless beauty, raises the value of your house, is simple to maintain, and is built to last for many decades. Art of Timber fine timber floors is one of the best timber flooring companies. You can contact them to design your home in Perth. You can ask us further questions in the comment area.