The Ultimate Solution for a Flawless Tan: Our Tanning Spray

The weather is about to get warmer. So it’s time to put the leather coats and woollen sweaters away. It also signals that it’s time to start working on your summer tan. A quick trip to the tanning salon is all that is required to achieve the ideal bronzed goddess look. You won’t need to spend hours in the sun trying to obtain the perfect tan this summer since a spray tan will give you the perfect sun-kissed glow. Your ideal tanning solution is a spray tan; you won’t have to worry about looking unnatural or turning into an orange pumpkin. An expertly executed indoor tanning session will produce a stunning glow that will undoubtedly enhance your summer. If you are looking for a spray tan in Melbourne, Tanned Melbourne is one of the best options. They deliver the most appropriate solution for you. Here are some things you should know about spray tans if this is your first time getting one.


Use A Gentle Exfoliator To Prepare For Your Spray Tan

Before you get a tan, scrub and exfoliate your entire body with a good body scrub. It will remove the top layer of dead skin cells and soothe any dry places on your body. It will aid a softer application of the spray tan and prevent it from looking splotchy or streaky.


Before tanning, wax and shave.

Remember to wax or shave before getting your spray tan rather than after. If you have long-leg hair, it will cling to the spray tan solution and create a cross-hatch pattern on your legs. Additionally, the colour may fade faster if you shave right after receiving a spray tan.


Remember to consider clothing.

Completely undress to achieve the perfect tan. We advise avoiding tan lines when getting a spray tan by either going bare-legged or wearing very little underwear.


Avoid accessories, deodorant, and makeup.

Deodorant and cosmetics will function as a barrier against the tanning solution and stop that area from getting tanned evenly with the rest of the body. The same holds for jewellery and accessories. Make careful to purge anything beforehand.


Wait for the first shower.

The ideal time to take your first shower after getting a spray tan is at least 6-8 hours later. Before this period, if water touches your skin, you will develop streaks. In other words, avoid taking a shower, crying, and likely a water fight. If you do decide to take a shower, just keep in mind to pat, not rub, your skin dry.


Before light, it will grow darker.

If you think your spray tan seems much darker than it should, don’t panic; that’s how it’s supposed to appear. The tanning solution will grow over the 8 hours and get darker before settling into the ideal bronze hue. And after your first shower, the perfect shade will emerge.


Continue to Moisturize.

Remember to moisturise and refresh your skin frequently once you’ve had your first shower following the spray tan. Simply stay away from any cosmetics with oil bases because they can cause facial redness on your skin. Consider using softer ones.



A custom spray tan is the most prominent method to achieve that radiant, healthy glow that we all desire. These are a few spray tan tips to help you get the most out of your tan, even though they can leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful after application. If you are confused about how to get your spray tans in Melbourne, feel free to contact Tanned Melbourne. They deliver the best product for your requirements. For more knowledge, you can ask us through the comment section.