Why Your Hybrid Car Needs Regular Maintenance

As people get more and more environmentally conscious, they try to make changes in their lifestyle which suit them in living the life they want and at the same time preserve the environment around them. They realize that a hybrid is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and smart option.  Hybrid Vehicles combine the best of both worlds. It’s a merger of electric cars and their features along with the traditional petrol-powered engine. The battery charges as you drive, the petrol engine takes over when you need some power and when you just want to cruise, the battery takes over and lets you glide. Proven to be a fuel-efficient machine that reduces your carbon footprint and at the same time gives you a hybrid experience. Due to it being a hybrid, many consider that it might not need regular maintenance but it is untrue. Since you are depending on a traditional engine and an electric motor, you need to keep both these parts of the hybrid well maintained.

Why should you regularly service your hybrid?

1. Clockwork- The working of a hybrid is like clockwork, like how the gears of a clock need to be well oiled and work together, the same way the parts of a hybrid need to be well serviced so they can work well. The electric motor of your hybrid is dependent on energy from the battery which it gets from the engine. All three are dependent on each other, so if one fails, all fail.

2. Wear and Tear- Even though the hybrid doesn’t work like a traditional car, it still goes through the wear and tears that a normal petrol-engined vehicle does. Wheels need to be checked, tyres need to be assessed for punctures. Alignments of all four wheels need to be checked, and the brakes of the vehicle as well need to be serviced.

3. Battery- A hybrid battery is very important for the vehicle to run and costs more than that of a regular car battery as hybrid batteries need to supply a higher level of power to keep the car running. Just like a regular car battery, a hybrid car battery needs to be well maintained.

4. Transmission Fluid- The transmission fluid in a hybrid doesn’t break down as fast as it does in a traditional car, the fluid develops iron oxide over time. It can cause severe damage to your electric motor which will leave you with a massive bill for replacement parts. So to prolong the life of your electric motor, you must get the transmission fluid regularly changed.

To prolong the life of your vehicle, you must maintain a regular service schedule. Make sure when you’re purchasing a hybrid that your dealer provides after-sale servicing. Having a trusted mechanic who can properly service your hybrid from time to time is a very important aspect of owning a vehicle. Due to its unique nature, it has unique servicing needs that you must identify before you make your purchase.