Which Is the Best Film Streaming Platform in Nigeria?

Video and movie streaming platforms have gained immense popularity over the years. The major turning point that proved favorable to the film streaming platforms was the COVID-19 lockdown. It is since then that the video streaming industry hasn’t looked back. Cinemas were closed for a long time, and people rooted their interests in video streaming platforms which are accessible at home on various gadgets, and are cheaper than the cinemas. In addition to that, these platforms have multiple interest options for the user to choose from. NOLLYWOOD popular film industry. Let us get to know what are the best movie streaming platforms in Nigeria.

When we talk about film streaming platforms, Netflix is the first one to pop up to the mind. Needless to say, Netflix is widely used in many regions worldwide. In its recent tweet, Netflix quotes the use of the letter N- 14th alphabet, which is used in the words Naija, Nollywood, Netflix, and Nigeria. Undoubtedly, Netflix is one of the best online platforms for movies in Nigeria. Some of the popular Nollywood movies available on Netflix are Isoken, Awon Boyz, Fifty, Phone Swap, etc.

This movie streaming site originated in 2015 and is currently among the popular names streaming NOLLYWOOD movies and series. Showmax is not only popular in Nigeria but is taking the Nigerian content worldwide and people are absolutely loving it. Some of the movies and series streaming on Showmax are quite famous in the United Kingdom. Some of the popular content streaming on Showmax include Dilemma, Venge, Enakhe, Riona, etc.

It’s been seven years since this platform has launched and it has already become a global platform. This streaming service is delivering Nollywood movies and series to people residing in 178 countries worldwide. Some of the most-watched movies on Iroko TV are Disguise, Code Defiled, Abike, Butterfly effect, etc.

Film House is a large cinema chain in Nigeria. Many cinemas under Film House are located in malls and shopping centers. Film House is a mobile application launched by Film One distribution owing to the video streaming platform trend. Some of the popular movies/ dramas available on Film House are Jurassic world domination, The Wildflower, The order of things, etc.

Many platforms function with subscriptions but immensely popular YouTube Is available for free. There are numerous of Nigeria’s latest films and series available on YouTube. Although, there is also a premium option available for a better experience. Yawa comedy movie (Yawa skits) is well-liked Nigerian comedy available on YouTube.

 If you are someone who is a big fan of Nigerian movies, series, and dramas you can subscribe to these streaming sites to keep yourself updated on the new content and rewatch the old ones as well. There are many latest Nigerian movies of 2022 available on these applications. The platforms listed above are some of the best ones in Nigeria. There are numerous other options available like NollyLand, Solo view, Nigeria Live TV, etc. where you can watch the latest African movies online.