Things You Must Consider Before Purchasing a Water Dispenser

Water dispenser is the most used device in residential as well as commercial premises in Singapore. Commercial organizations, including schools, colleges, offices, and factories, need much planning to offer a healthy and comfortable ambience to the employees or students. A well-designed and functional quality water dispenser is a must on the list. The rise in pollution has increased the possibility of employees or students falling sick due to water-borne ailments. On the other side, a healthy and fresh water supply plays a vital role in hydrating the body and improving energy and performance.

If you plan to buy a water dispenser, the article presents some significant factors you must consider before purchasing.

1. Type of Water Dispensers

There are primarily two types of water dispensers available in the current market – bottle-less and bottled water dispensers. The bottle-less water dispensers supply unlimited water since they connect to the main water pipeline. Bottle less water dispensers purify the water. On the other side, the bottled water dispensers enable you to change the bottles or tanks when needed. Two types of water dispensers have their own benefits. There are risks of water-borne diseases as the bottled dispensers supply water from unknown sources. Consult the water dispenser Singapore supplier to buy the ideal one for your place.

2. Capacity

Another main focus should be on the capacity of water dispensers. The number of students in an academic institution or the number of employees in an office determines the amount of water you need daily. For large organizations, you must choose a large water dispenser with high storage capacity and high purification power to ensure an endless supply of pure water.

3. Water Temperature

Before buying a water dispenser, you need to check the temperature requirements based on your preference. If you need hot water to prepare tea/coffee, chilled water, or average room temperature water, you should choose the dispenser that meets your specific needs. Water cooler dispenser Singapore has been a prevalent choice among individuals and families in residential and commercial areas.

You can select the water dispenser model based on temperature preferences. Moreover, you should check if there are changing temperature settings in the dispenser based on various weather conditions.

4. Sound

Most water dispenser models available in the market are soundless. But still, specific models create much noise. Therefore, it also comes under consideration whether the water dispenser you will purchase is silent or sounds harsh. A constant, rough sound disturbs the students or employees and breaks their concentration throughout the day. So, you need to check the amount of noise the water dispenser makes.

5. Cleaning and Draining System

Last but not least, do not forget to check the drainage system and cleaning options of the water dispenser model you will buy. A proper and thorough drainage system keeps the surrounding area clean and dry and helps avoid accidents. You need to ensure regular water dispenser service Singapore to clean the water dispenser, enabling the machine to run smoothly. The mechanism must be easy so that you can take good care of it.


The article has discussed the most critical aspects of a water dispenser you need to check before buying one. Numerous models with multiple features are available in the market, but you must purchase a water dispenser Singapore equipped with the same features that meet your requirements.