The Investor Mentality

Today  share market opened on a negative note. At 09:16, the Sensex was down 123 points at 59,565, and the Nifty was down 31.40 points at 17,525.60. We all knew that Thursday was the expiry day of options and RBI monetary policy deadly combination for traders. After weak opening on morning session Indian market gives a sharp move to upward direction after the announcement of RBI policy.

As we all known that keeping repo rate same was the welcome decision, we expect along with all sectors build as it has the new start for the new financial year. Today’s move was gives us positive signal in stock market. Thursday was the fifth straight session for the market. According to me April would be good month for traders and investors. Share market was closed on positive note and nifty around 17600. At close, the Sensex was up 143.66 points or at 59,832.97, and the Nifty was up 42.20 points.

Market settled higher in volatile session with the surprising policy move to pause repo rate hikes has the convincing effect. It will give high gap between current and target inflation. We all known that market is all about unpredicted sometimes it will go on upward, sometimes it will not. Market maintained their journey on upward. After the policy was come nifty gained strength. Indian stock market witness of sharp upside move. Today nifty create a big bull candle on charts. The market is in good mood this policy provide us good further of rejoice. The decision to maintain repo rate unchanged  is a positive sign for banking sector when symptoms of inflation is appeared RBI is the one of central bank who is increase its interest rate.