The Best Assault Rifle in Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 2

In Modern Warfare 2, what is the best assault rifle? Infinity Ward is aware that ARs are the foundation of most Call of Duty game builds. To help them choose their load outs, call of duty modern warfare 2 offers players a choice of several powerful and diverse assault rifles, one of which is a serious candidate for the best weapon in the game. If you’re seeking Modern Warfare 2’s best assault rifle, look no further. Here, we ranked every Modern Warfare 2 AR and discussed the pros and cons of each one. Let’s look at them:


Most effective Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles

Here are some of the top Call of Duty assault rifles you should be conscious of before using the modern warfare 2 Bot Lobby tool discord.



With its light chassis and quick handling speeds, the Kastov-74U functions as a cross between an assault rifle and an SMG. You would not anticipate that it has a devastating 77/42/38/35 damage profile to the head, torso, stomach, and limbs at close range, making it the hardest-hitting Assault Rifle in MW2. Thus, if you want to kill an enemy with fewer shots than you would need to with even the strongest SMG in Modern Warfare 2, it’s an excellent pick for running and gunning.


STB 556

If you want an Assault Rifle that can compete with Battle Rifles, Marksman Rifles, and even Sniper Rifles at mid- to long range, the STB 556 is the best option. You may effortlessly eliminate foes at distances above 30 metres because of the low recoil and outstanding coverage. The STB 556 is also absurdly controllable when equipped with the correct attachments and pushed to its absolute limits. I mean that there is almost no recoil. It almost seems unjust.



Between the M4 and the STB 556, the Lachmann-556 functions as a kind of combination. Although it has a little more significant range and lower recoil than the M4, it feels remarkably similar to the M4. It makes the Lachmann-556 perfect for holding longer sightlines without going all out and switching your Assault Rifle for a semi-auto weapon, much like the STB 556.


Kastov 762

When putting together your next Assault Rifle class, the Kastov 752, Modern Warfare 2’s equivalent of the AKM or AK47, is a potent Assault Rifle worth taking into account. It has a lower tolerance for error than the M4 or Lachmann-556, but it outperforms both in terms of pure damage. It is the Assault Rifle in the game with unique damage per shot.


Kastov 545

The Kastov 545 and Kastov-74U are astonishingly close to one another; they are so similar that it seems strange that the two weapons even exist together since you could probably create one of them just as quickly by attaching the appropriate parts to the other. The Kastov offers decreased recoil and some much-needed enhanced effective range in return for the position of the stopping power of the Kastov-74U.


Finale Words

All of the ARs in Modern Warfare 2 at this time is listed above. We hope that our ranking of the top Assault Rifles in call of duty modern warfare 2 has helped you form a more solid understanding of the current state of the gun meta going into the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Check out the Modern Warfare 2 best guns guide for a comprehensive understanding of the meta. To complete your optimal Assault Rifle load out, you can refer to the Modern Warfare 2 tutorial.