The 9 Best Things About Sexual Health Screening

Sexually transmitted diseases are common, but the types of screening vary depending on the associated risk factors. Sexual health checks include tests, such as STIs, referring to usually a blood or urine test, sexual dysfunction, and cervical cancer.

If one gets involved in random sex activities, especially with multiple partners, it is strictly advised to use proper protection and take tests. This is crucial to maintain a person’s sexual health as one can catch a sexually transmitted disease (STD) without even knowing it. One of the primary reasons is the contraceptive methods like condoms which are not always fail-proof. In most cases, there is no symptom, and this is why many researchers prefer the term sexually transmitted infections (STI), where one suffers from infection with disease symptoms. You can find a sexual health screening near me Harley Street to ensure your sexual health state.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, one in every five individuals in the USA suffers from STD or STI. The infections can transmit from one person to another during vaginal, oral, and anal sex. Therefore, it is safer to go for a sexual health screening regularly after a while. Find a general practitioner at Harley Street and avail the best screening services at affordable prices.

The article will discuss the nine best factors of Sexual Health Screening. Let’s begin.

1. Fast Results

The results of sexual health screenings are rapid, and that is one of the best things about it. Quick results help the doctor to start treatment shortly after diagnosis. Look for the best health screening package at Harley Street.

2. Medical Support

A few symptoms of Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs) include pain during sexual intercourse, genital ulcers, urethral discharge, sores, itching, abdominal pain, etc. The sexual health screening tests for the diseases like chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, ureaplasma, etc. Detection of the actual disease helps in the medical process.

3. Best for Couples

Sexual health screening is vital for couples as they are involved in sexual activities frequently. It is safer to undergo a sexual health screening process before deciding to conceive a child.

4. Self-Collection

In most cases, the sexual health screening tests are conducted through self-collection, which makes the individuals feel comfortable about the tests.

5. Complete Privacy Maintained

The tests are fast, safe, and private. As the sexual health screening tests are conducted through self-collection, the patient does not need to worry about privacy issues.

6. Best for the Women who want to become pregnant

Sexual health screening helps women who want to conceive shortly. It would be similar to a regular health check-up, and the result would allow the lady to decide on her imminent pregnancy. In case there is an issue, she can take time to cure the problem and prepare for motherhood.

7. Normalizes Conversations about Sexual Health

One of the most impactful factors of sexual health screening is that the process normalizes the conversation about sexual health between parents and children. Clear communication between the patients and clinicians helps reduce the stigma associated with the topic.

8. A Healthier Future Generation

The more the youngsters of the present time become aware of the importance of sexual health and go for sexual health screening, the more sexually healthy they become. It prevents them from carrying the diseases within and transmits to their children via genes.

9. Overall Healthcare

Sexual health screening contributes to the overall health state. One needs to undergo tests and regular screening to check whether one is sexually healthy.

If you feel the same way, book a slot for sexual health screening at Harley Street and avail the test services under the surveillance of an expert doctor.