Stocks market crashes on 05-05-2023

On 5th May stocks market opened on negative note. All sectors are showing us in red screen. Sensex nifty all falls in percent. It was negative trading session. Indian market dragged down due to heavy selling in the mid of the day it was remained in weak  due to selling pressure we can say that it was biggest intraday fall. It was very bad trading session of the Mays expiry. It makes traders to stop trading. Due to share market crashes it gives huge loses to investors. It was situation like that bears are back in the market.

When I write this blog one thing in my mind how many of traders are sell their shares which was reason of the so much  downfall in market. After a many of  the days stocks market behave like that. In this type market you have to avoid overtrading because market votality is very fast. stock market crashes are most harmful impact on investment returns because market have some ups and down we cannot say market will never bounce back if you see markets past few days you will notice that market will recovered at some point of the time. Sensex, nifty and banknifty all sectors closes on  red. If investors sell in this point of the time they will realized the actual loss of the market.