Stock market today-09may2023

On 9 may 2023 market opened on green note but after some time market have no volume which was stocks on many hours. Nifty, bank nifty taking a side wages because of this market have no moment. When you see this type of moment always try wait and watch approach. Meanwhile in the middle of the day we see short selling it was like panic stage of the investors because of this market going on negative side. Remember one thing market is dynamic it can change anytime. So that we have to learn first about stocks market.

Technically you have to understand stocks market analysis. Always diversify your risks and setting stop loss in your every order. A crash in the market is challenging sometimes for investors. Remember that the thing is market  have cyclical and downturns it can go up in seconds and down in seconds so always set stop loss. On 9 may market closes on red all sectors nifty, bank nifty and sensex. It was worst trading session.