Side wages market-2May2023

Today 2nd May2023 stocks market opened on a gap in both sectors nifty and bank nifty. Sensex was up to 250 points higher. Today’s trading if you look carefully when market is down it goes down with speed after that it takes lot of effort to come up. Mays expiry first day is so bad impact on this negative trading session.  Nifty and Bankniftys data is marginally positive but because of side wages it was stuck.

In this type of market traders should avoid overtrading. Nifty   continues on upside momentum it was sixth continuous trading session. Nifty closed on a day higher. Some green with some red candles technically created the sharp upward movement in market. Some downward correction movements in the market. Some candles have reversal movement in the stock market. Some highs formed but still no confirmation of any higher in any way. All the sectors are closed green on 2nd may 2023.


Today’s trade I notice some things closely with April coming to an end market will closely track the monthly updates. The coming week will come with the more results from large companies. Because of side wages market is stock market was stuck for some time. In this type market always exit on cost to cost movement meanwhile you never know where market will be move.