Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers – Buy Flowers According to Season

The planning of a wedding can be emotionally taxing. We understand the highs and lows of attempting to balance your wants and needs, from the highs of finding that unique provider you’re obsessed with to the low of having to stick to a budget. There are numerous methods for reducing costs for any component of a wedding day, regardless of your goals for the event. You can have lovely flowers for your wedding while staying within your budget by utilising some of the novel ideas we’ve listed below. You can achieve a stunning floral look for less by renting silk flowers, sharing arrangements with other couples, being judicious with your selections, etc. You can go through Floret Boutique for your wedding flowers in Perth. They provide the best fresh and colourful flowers according to your requirements at an affordable price. If you are looking for how to save money on your wedding flowers, this post is for you. Let’s start:


Use Seasonal Flowers

Inform your wedding florist of the mood you want to set for the big day, as well as your style and colour palette. After that, delegate the remaining tasks to your wedding florist.

Using in-season local flowers will typically be less expensive than purchasing them from elsewhere. Ask your wedding florist for recommendations on flowers that will be in bloom around the time of your nuptials. But if you’re anxious to reduce your expenses, be flexible about what flowers are to be included in your bouquets, table centrepieces, and other highlight floral arrangements. Your floral designer will be able to advise you on appropriate alternatives that will meet your budget.


Reduce Flower Options

Up to different flowers might be used in one arrangement in some bridal floral designs! The florist will only need to purchase 2-3 varieties of flowers in bulk if the number of floral options is kept to a minimum.

Let’s imagine you want several different flower varieties; the florist will still need to buy each combination in quantity. This is because producers occasionally limit their sales to specified amounts, like bunches of 50. Even when you only need a few stems for a bouquet or an arrangement, the florist will still need to buy the entire lot. There may be a significant waste as a result of this. Additionally, the florist will have to do extra effort in terms of flower preparation, which raises the price. For these arrangements, you can also contact flower shops in Perth near you. 


Cheap wedding flowers should be used instead of pricey blooms

Beautiful, reasonably priced flowers in a variety of colours and shapes are available. There are also affordable replacement flowers you may choose from to give your arrangements more volume and completeness. Among the flowers that can be substituted for dahlias or ranunculus at a significant discount are dahlia-style cremons and spray roses.


Increase the amount of greenery

You may make a rich bouquet with a selection of low-cost plants. To name a few, have a look at greenery such as parvafolia, leather leaf, and silver dollar eucalyptus! There are several advantages whether you settle on a bouquet that is more foliage or more flower-heavy. Using more foliage will save prices, and because greenery lasts longer than flowers, your floral arrangements will look beautiful all day. You don’t have to be concerned about the vegetation wilting regardless of the weather. But be careful—depending on the type of foliage, the cost occasionally may be the same as that of purchasing flowers.


Mix flowers and other decorative elements

Combine your low-cost wedding flowers with additional decor items, like candles, for even more cost-effective decorating. With the help of several flowers, candles, or other decorative items can help fill the table. Candles also create a unique atmosphere. Vases can also be found at a great price; for instance, the Dollar Store and secondhand shops are two excellent choices to help you achieve your desired aesthetic on a tight budget.


Final Words

Overall, having your ideal wedding floral design while staying within your financial means is achievable. Now you may locate a flower boutique in Perth whose prices are in line with what you can afford. Examine your contract and payment instructions carefully before you sign on the dotted line. You can end up saving a sizable sum of money because of small choice. You can also contact Floret Boutique in Perth for affordable and colourful flowers for your big day. For more details, ask us through the comment section.