Market Shares

Today morning I saw  Indian stock markets likely to open on a flat note . Start of the day at 9:16am SENSEX was up 73.33%  or 0.13% at 57,998.61, and the Nifty was up 10.90 points or 0.06% at 17,087.80.   The banking system in US is still not yet completely out of support which may keep overall risk assets under pressure.

Even as inflation continued to decline both nationally and globally, Indian equity markets were none the less concerned about valuation, increased interest rates, and economic slowdown. After weak opening of the shares  we can see the painicness of the investors in market volatile. Market down on continuity from the start of the month.


Asian shares were pressured in Friday because of banks stability

The US central bank has boosted interest rates once again despite a run of bank failures in the country and concerns that the decision would worsen the financial situation.

All the sectors  indices ended in the red.

The Nifty witnessed an extremely volatile day of trade today. It was completely in a small range during the first half of the session. However, as the day progressed and especially during the last couple hours of the trading session, the Nifty witnessed intense selling pressure which dragged the Nifty lower upto cut of 132 points. We can say that the today market closed on red note.

In the last trading day of the week, market witnessed a pretty volatile session and ended the session with serious note.