How to Play Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War’s Local Multiplayer Online or Offline

Video games have gained immense popularity over years. These games are popular among children as well as adults. ‘Call of Duty is a famous name among video game lovers. Call of Duty Black Ops Cold war is a new version of the call of duty franchise. This video game not only allows the users to build custom characters but also enables them to play with multiplayer features in the lobby bot warzone. For this having a PS4 is required and you’d also need to re-sign into your PSN account or if you don’t have one you’ll need to create a new one. Given below is a step-by-step guide to playing call of duty black ops cold war online or offline in multiplayer mode with split-screen mode allowing multi-players in black ops cold war bot lobby.

Set your PS4 as the primary console for your PSN account of yours. If you are new to this, then you can go to the settings option available on the home screen and select account management, and further activate your primary PS4.

A small prompt with some information will appear on your screen. Now, you can click on ‘Activate’. This will set your PS4 as the primary console for your PSN account. This step is mandatory as for using split-screen mode in Black ops cold war you’ll have to use your PS+ membership and connect to the game’s servers.

Go ahead and launch Black Ops Cold War.

As you enter the Black Ops Cold War move to the multiplayer lobby and choose the find games option.

Click to PS icon in the middle and turn on your second controller.

A prompt with the message “Who is using this controller?” will appear. Choose the PSN account from the options to play split-screen. Meanwhile, ask the second player to log into their PSN account. In case, your guest doesn’t have an account he’ll need to create a new one or log in with any extra account you have access to.

Have a look at the top right corner of your screen and you can now see a new key activation hint. The fellow player can press X can be able to join the modern warfare bot lobby.

Now you’ll need to confirm the account summary is presented by Activision. Finally, you can see your fellow player walking next to you in the cod warzone bot lobby.

You are finally ready to play the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War with two players in the cod cold war bot lobby.

Playing Call of Duty Black Ops Cold war with your friends sitting next to you is much more entertaining and fascinating than playing it alone or from a distance. A PSN account is a must-have for playing in split-screen mode with two players in the bot lobby warzone PS4. You can play Black Ops cold war with your friends and family members with multiple players in your bot lobby of CoD on a single screen following the steps given above.