How do I become an armed security officer in Florida?

Florida is the third highest populated state in the US and has got numerous attractions that draw tourists throughout the year. Be it the beaches or Disney World, Florida attracts millions of visitors, which makes it a popular holiday destination. Thus, there is a great demand for security guards who will be able to keep the area safe for those visiting and the locals. Those who are planning to become armed security officer in Florida need to go for proper training and get a certificate for the same.

Security guard in Florida

When one decides to go for security officer certification, there are the resources and foundations they will require as a professional. It is a 40-hour class essential for the state license. The course also includes American Heart Saver, First Aid, and CPR for becoming an armed security officer. It is essential that the candidates obtain the Statewide Fire Arms license, which can be attained through a three-day course that covers practical applications and other aspects.

Getting a security guard certificate

When you decide to obtain a security officer certification, remember that the criteria differ in States. For qualifying in Florida, applicants must go for security training. The law makes it compulsory to go for 40 hours of training. The candidates will then receive a certificate. To apply for the job, you will require a security certificate. Also, the professionals there will go for a background check. Only those applicants who have got a security guard certificate can qualify. Only in case of an emergency, the out of the state license will work in Florida.

In most cases, when an armed security guard chooses to work for a private business, then they will require a license. They must have a class G license. While if they are operating arms, then a state-wide firearms license is required. Security now has turned out of your flourishing business, which is required for both commercial and residential clients. Thus, the demand will never go down.

The security guard license generally stays valid for 2 years in Florida. To work as a private security guard, you will have to go for the renewal. Also, if the person stops working for private security, their license lapses. They will choose to reapply for the same and complete the original security training again. One might be eligible for the security guard license if they have previously worked in the law enforcement of Florida, federal law, enforcement corrections, or military police. Make sure you check out the eligibility criteria for the security guard training center and the licensing process to have an easy experience.


When planning to apply for a security officer certification, you must be clear about the eligibility criteria and other essentials. This will guarantee you have an easy time completing the certification course and getting your license. Remember the process requires you to complete certification from a reputed security guard training center. So, you need to identify the best for professional training.