Discover How to Begin Investing in a Mobile Home Park

A mobile home park is a set of manufactured homes located on an area of land known as a pad. The mobile-home park is a designed area of land that is divided into areas for parking or housing. The areas must be kept up, whether they are rented out or not. A mobile home park must also include room for three or many mobile homes to be eligible. Investing in mobile home parks remains unfulfilled. Large investments from companies or other large commercial investors have not yet been made. So, here are some tips for new beginners on “Discover How to Begin Investing in a Mobile Home Park“.

Table of Contents

  • Price of purchasing
  • Maintenance of mobile home park
  • How to Borrow Money for Investment
  • Conclusion

Price of purchasing

You only pay for the land and common areas when you invest in  mobile home park. Park Street Partner organizations indicate that expenses will be around 30% as compared to 50% for apartment buildings. A mobile-home park also has much lower prices per square foot. If a renter buys a house, you must fast find a new one. There may be a lot of change based on the facility. Price is also an outcome of change. Apartment maintenance and repairs are needed. You will also need to pay to search for a new renter.

Maintenance of mobile home park

You cannot contact contractors as commonly, or at least not as commonly as you do with an apartment building or as the owner of a mobile home park purchase. Renters take care of their homes instead of trying to call you. When updating and fixing communal spaces may still require the help of contractors. All in all, the cost of maintenance is much lower compared to an apartment building.

How to Borrow Money for Investment 

The process of funding the purchase of a mobile home park is similar to that of regular property financing. A few buyers will form a group of investors to help in collecting funds. There is no reason that a mobile home park can not follow the same policy. Some lenders may well need further expense reports going right back 3 years. Since businesses are the majority of mobile home park shareholders, this is difficult to come by. Likewise, they possibly do not have advanced data and are a single-owner business. As it was stated earlier, more experienced property investors have not yet reached the investment level in the mobile home park sector. It may just take you a lot of time and the latest owner’s partnership to collate detailed costs.


The current economic crisis and their ability to generate a consistent cash flow, mobile home parks are an excellent investment. Mobile home parks can be used to spread out risk. But it is always kept in mind to measure all the benefits and drawbacks before invest in mobile home park. If you are a new or small investor with little rental experience, you should consider investing in a mobile home park.