Best Caring for Plain T-Shirts to Make Them Last

Your closet is probably full of cotton t-shirts that you want to last a lifetime, from the worn-out shirt you bought at the best concert you’ve ever attended to the everyday essentials that are staples in your wardrobe. Even though cotton t-shirts are comfortable and fashionable, one tear or stain can cause them to wind up in the trash. One might shrink if you wash and dry it incorrectly the first time, preventing you from wearing it at all. If you are looking for a plain T-shirt in the UK, you can go through Plain T-shirts co. in the UK. They also provide wholesale plain t-shirts in London. Here are a few simple instructions for properly cleaning and caring for a T-shirt. By keeping to the following rules, you can reduce natural ageing and ultimately extend the life of your T-shirts.


Washing Less

Less is more in many situations. Regarding your washing, that is unquestionably sound advice. Reasonable plain t-shirts should only be laundered when necessary for enhanced longevity and durability.

Even while high-quality cotton is durable, each wash stresses the fabric’s molecules, which causes your T-shirt to age and fade more quickly. Thus, washing less frequently is one of the most crucial suggestions for extending the lifespan of your preferred t-shirt. Washing garments as needed can keep a more healthy relationship with the earth while also keeping things hygienic.


Cold Water Washing

A T-shirt does not like heat and may even shrink if it is washed in too much heat. Finding the ideal balance between the washing temperature and efficient cleaning is crucial because it is evident that detergents perform better at higher temperatures. Darker coloured T-shirts can typically be washed entirely cold, but we advise washing Perfect White T-Shirt at about 30 degrees (or it can be washed at 40 degrees if needed).

Washing your white T-shirt at 30 or 40 degrees ensures that it will remain crisp and clean for a longer term and lowers the chance of any unintended colouration, such as yellowish streaks under the armpits. However, washing at relatively low temperatures also lessens the impact on the environment and utility costs. For example, dropping the temperature from 40 to 30 degrees can reduce energy use by as much as 35%.


Be Cautious When Using Bleach

While using bleach to wash your white cotton t-shirts may seem like the ideal option, you should exercise caution. It might not even work if you have sweat stains on your clothes. Make sure to appropriately dilute it if all you want to do is brighten up some whites. Chlorine bleach can be damaging to cotton when used in excess concentrations.

Never use chlorine bleach while washing anything that isn’t white, and be careful not to leak any on your coloured t-shirts. For keeping whites their whitest and bright their brightest, colour-safe bleach is a significantly better and safer alternative.


Final Words

White t-shirt maintenance requires a little more work than simply tossing them in the washer and dryer and forgetting about them, but it will help you keep your favourite out of the trash can for a lot longer. You may prevent losing a tee to shrinkage by removing stains properly, washing your clothes carefully, and avoiding the development of persistent stains and discolouration. If you are wondering about the cheapest plain t-shirts in the UK, feel free to call Plain T-shirts .co.UK. On this site, there is a great selection of low-cost t-shirts that are of the highest quality and are manufactured from the best 100% cotton yarn.