A Smart Guide For Purchasing The Ideal Inverter For Your Home

Are you exhausted from waiting for the electricity to return every time the local transformer blows up or the power is shut down for maintenance? Purchasing an inverter battery for the home can go a long way in helping you overcome the problem you go through every time there is a power loss. Whether you need an inverter for your home or office, you can choose any models from amaron batteries per your budget. So, find out what an inverter is, what a battery is, and how you can pick the right ones for your power requirement.

What is an inverter?

It is a backup power developing device that transforms low-voltage direct current into standard household alternating current power to supply your home with an uninterrupted electric supply.

Having cleared that up, let’s review how to buy an inverter tailor-made for your requirements. First, note that buying what your neighbour got can lead to a tragedy, as the necessities of every household or office are different.

Step 1: Identify Your Power Needs –

Do not get confused by the word ‘Identify.’ There is no rocket science. Just list down the devices you wish to operate on inverter power. For example, suppose you plan to attach two tube lights (60 Watts), one fan (70 Watts), and 2 CFLs (40 Watts). In this scenario, your total power necessity will be:

60 + 70 + 40 = 170 Watts. In this case, amaron will be the best inverter battery for home

Step 2: Determining the VA rating of the inverter that you need

The inverter ability, measured in Volt Ampere, is directly proportional to the whole load you are looking to support. Therefore, the accurate value of the inverter power can be found by dividing the entire pack to be backed by the power factor, which is a measure of lost efficiency in transforming DC to AC. Therefore, you can find the value of inverter capacity mentioned in the product description when you buy an Inverter Amaron Battery.

Step 3: Get a Suitable Battery for the Inverter –

The correct inverter battery is the backbone of an inverter. It wields the performance and energy of the inverter. This question is answered by the battery power, specifying the devices’ backup time. How to choose the battery capacity? Let’s say you need a backup for 6 hours.

Step 4: Checking the wiring at home –

One of the essential things to do before choosing an inverter is to see if your home wiring is compatible with the inverter you are purchasing. It is best to exclude extensive appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, from the wiring, as they need a lot of battery power. Consulting with your mechanic and deciding if your inverter battery for home is compatible with the inverter you are thinking of buying is always a good idea.


An inverter is a significant asset to keep your family comfortable during power cuts. So, following this inverter buying manual will help you buy one that meets all your power requirements.