2 Things You Must Know About Next-generation Cyber Security

Have you ever wondered what the cyber security status will be within the next ten years?

The timespan might seem a long way towards the future, but the speed at which the technology industry is evolving makes sure to fly by the next decade. It is not easy to predict the future of next-generation cyber security. With relevant insight, the chief information officers and chief security officers can gear up for future challenges.

Future of Cyber security: Cloud Computing

The one aspect of Information Technology (IT) that has witnessed the fastest growth in the last ten years is cloud computing. In 2030, cloud computing will keep its steps flaring forward, or it might just evaporate by that time. Things might be back to on-premises in the coming ten years, and the network would be closer to peer-to-peer. Individuals would learn how to use blockchains. According to Cohen Wood, the consumers will be stuck between an insecure network and a secure network, and after all these, consumers enjoy a very secure network.

1. Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to most researchers, AI will play a crucial role in cyber security in 2031, and Artificial Intelligence has been predicted to be more critical than anyone has ever thought.

One says, if AI is not adopted by use, we will be in trouble. Another says AI will act as the catalyst and determine if the industry can maintain the threat actor community. Individuals will have computer security algorithms where you can sit and develop more intricate algorithms for specific bots. Eventually, it will become a good bot vs. a bad bot. Human intervention will still be needed as they carry half the solution. AI is one of the Futuristic Cyber security Technology Producers worldwide.

2. Data Breaches and Threat Landscape

Like AI, data breaches are expected to be one strongly existing factor in 2031 than ten years ago. As more data and devices come online, the risk will be higher.

For years, the researchers have been saying that numerous matching factors result in worse data breaches as the future of cyber security approaches. By that time, people will have more data in their machines, and attackers will have access to more data to breach. Currently, all information is being digitalized, which was never done before. Now, people have all their essential information in the digitalized mode, making it easier for hackers to steal the data. Passive Cyber Security Technology Consumer has become more threatening in current times, as the passive attack involves traffic analysis and eavesdropping.

Professionals, as well as every individual using digital platforms and devices, must also know these two factors about next-generation cyber security.

Additional Information

Apart from these supply chain attacks, nation-state attacks will be the threats we must be prepared for. According to Grimes, the only way to stop infrastructure attacks is to pass a digital act in the countries that will prohibit them from attacking the data.

Two more problematic issues include the lack of enough cyber security professionals despite having lucrative salaries in the sector. It reflects people are only interested in being consumers; they do not want to come to the sector as professionals. Another frustrating issue is the lack of women professionals and proper female perspective.
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