Why You Should Go to Glamping on Your Next Holiday?

Tired of the monotonous daily trifles, want to get away from it all to luxury but also have some connection with nature while you’re away. The traditional camping methods are tiresome and lucrative and drown out the relaxing aspect of your holiday. From packing a large suitcase with all essentials and amenities for the wild to finally reaching your destination after a long drive just to get to work again. Choosing a camping spot, setting up tents, struggling to get comfortable on the air mattress and having to enjoy stale food.

Now imagine getting to enjoy the true beauty of nature with the luxury of the modern world. That is what glamping provides, it is a culmination of the words “glamourous” and “camping” and that is what it truly is. Growing in popularity in the UK day by day with every other job-riddled and bored individual opting for a fun getaway into nature. An ideal getaway for couples who are looking for a luxurious glamping experience with some of the best accommodations originating in Essex. Romantic getaways or even a holiday for your family or even a one-day trip with friends, there’s something for everyone in Essex. Ranging from Safari Tents to Farm Treehouses to Farm Cabins all loaded with amenities and all that’ll make your stay comfortable. Essex is rightly called the glamping getaway as they have affordable accommodations with many features like bonfires, being on the lakeside with full access to the lake, to the best luxury glamping yurts for friends with private hot tubs overlooking the lake with cute little hammocks to lie down in and get submerged. With many glamping spots being closer to you than you’d think, getting to them is as easy as ringing them up followed by an hour-long drive to have the vacation you deserve.

Glamping provides a luxurious stay for all even if you’re on a budget, you can enjoy your vacation fully. Many glamp owners have made fun themes to attract customers, some offering a disconnect from the digital world calling it a digital detox whereas some just offer comfortable bedding and that’s often enough for someone who spent the day admiring nature. Glamping is cosy, comfortable, and affordable and if you’re living in the UK, there’s accommodation closer to you than you think.

Get the best of both worlds on your next holiday, have a campfire with your family, roast marshmallows and grab a chilled beverage from the fridge. Get wet and dirty in the rain then return to a cabin with warm water and fresh dry clothes. Enjoy a classic movie with your family under the night sky. With no stress of setting up your bedding, rationing food and water and wondering what berries are safe to eat, a glamping yurt has got you covered, quite literally. With all amenities and facilities already provided, you need to worry only about having fun. With comfortable accommodations spread all over the UK, there are plenty of beautiful spots to choose from. Be it on the coast, on a small spot near the lake or even on a floating cabin on the lake, on the mountains looking over the city or in nice, secluded spots, there is no lack of options.