What You Should Know About Ordering Funeral Flowers Online

The funeral is one of the most painful occasions when you bide goodbye for the last time to someone close to you. It is a tough job to buy funeral flowers, whether you are the family member of the dead person or from the guests’ list who tries to share condolences by offering flowers. Sending flowers is a way to show your condolence and sympathy in a proper manner to the family members of the deceased person. Like most other items, you can order funeral flowers online in today’s digitalized era.

There is no such hard and fast rule if you order funeral flowers online. The article will discuss a few factors you need to consider while ordering funeral flowers online in Perth.

1. Flower Types

Flowers with lighter shades like white, pink, yellow, and blue are the most standard colors used on funeral occasions. The most popular flowers to choose to offer at a funeral are,

White Lilies

These white blooming flowers carry a unique and special appearance. These flowers are used to create funeral bouquets, wreaths, and sprays worldwide.


Orchids are elegant choices to show sympathy and condolence.


The flower symbolizes a new beginning and hope. For this reason, the flower is much popular in funeral arrangements.


The flowers, primarily found in white and pink colors, are used as fillers in funeral bouquets.


The flower sticks made of Gladioli are available in different colors for funeral purposes, and the flowers add a unique appearance.


Daisies look decent yet attractive on a solemn occasion like a funeral. The flowers have white petals with a yellow-colored core.

2. Flower Arrangements

If you opt for online flower delivery in Perth to send flowers, you will find different types of flower arrangements available in the catalog.


One can order a flower bouquet to send for the funeral occasion of anyone in the family circle, friends, or acquaintances.


Wreaths are used to decorate the funeral venue. Hindus place the wreaths on deathbeds, so it is better to send them earlier for proper use.

Funeral Sprays

Funeral sprays are pretty big, and there is one place to keep a spray over the casket. If one wishes to send a funeral spray, it is better to inform the family members in advance.

Standing Flower Arrangements

Standing flower arrangements are costlier than the other flower arrangements. If one is close to the person or his family, one can send standing flower arrangements for the funeral.


In the Indian subcontinent, the ritual of taking flower garlands is popular among guests. The garlands are made of white flowers to show respect to the soul of the deceased one.

3. Appearance

When one orders Perth flowers online, s/he must make sure that the appearance is sober and apt for the occasion. One must avoid vibrant colored flowers and ornamental decors.

4. Attach a Condolence Note

As one orders funeral flowers online, it is better to include your message towards the bereaved family and the funeral flowers.

To conclude

These are some of the facts one needs to keep in mind while ordering funeral flowers online. As the occasion is not a happy one, therefore, it is necessary to maintain a few decorums so that nothing looks odd or out of the scene.