7 Insider Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Everyone desires a dream job. However, it is not that easy landing to land your dream job. Not only luck but also your tenacity can make you successful. However, some insider tips can get you the desired result. To get a dream job in the USA, the following tips might help.

Know About The Insider Tips

  • Self Awareness- In a job in which you are passionate about doing what you love the most, your productivity increases. Further, before applying, realizing yourself and deducing your limitations would help you streamline the job hunt.
  • Networking- In case, even after updating your CV and cover letter if you are unable to get a sufficient response, you need to network to help you to land a dream job. From a survey, it has been found that 50% of company recruitments are based on referrals. So, try and grow your network of friends, family members, outsiders, etc. You never know who can recommend you.
  • Retaining Network- It is not over after you land my dream job. Furthermore, the job market is volatile, and so is your job. So, you are recommended to retain your network and forbid you from encountering job requirements again, and you need assistance in job hunting.
  • Relationship- Building a strong relationship with people outside working in the same field as you wish. Asking for a job directly may seem awkward. Better keep it informal. Over a cup of coffee, you can discuss hours of work, type, work environment, boss, etc. In the future, this person may recall your credentials and refer you to a suitable position or meet up with a specific person.
  • Seminars-Attending seminars get you in learning about present work styles and identify industrialists or prominent position holders who can guide your work with satisfaction.
  • Professional Institution- If you enrol in any professional institution and actively participate or volunteer their even, you can meet several people who can help you land a dream job.
  • Cold Calling- Another method of getting an avenue to your dream job is by cold calling and having a personal discussion regarding your credibility and eagerness to join the group.

What is a Dream Job

Engineering, Doctor, or Lawyers are traditional dream jobs. However, nowadays IT, management, and media have gained much momentum. Any activity that suits your passion, in return for earning money is termed a dream job. Moreover, where you feel valued, get appreciated, and have a cooperative leader and friendly colleagues i.e overall comfort while working, can be referred to as a dream job.


Landing a dream job in the USA won’t be possible without a network. No matter how detailed and well organised your CV might be, the selection authority would merely read it and your hard effort will go to waste. However, if you have any network connection, it can gain you positive results. Further, surveys show that 50% of company entrants are referred. So, if you are in search of a dream job, better strengthen your network.