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Trade at any time in stocks market-3May2023

On 3rd may the stock market opened in negative, in this all sectors were on negative volatility, it is necessary to have stop loss in option trading. Nifty opened lower traded in narrow range in the mid of the day I notice market traded on dull and lost near a half of the way most of the sectors closed on red.

When market did not showing any confirm direction traders should avoid overtrading. Always take trades carefully. when I write this blog many things I correlate Wednesdays market was not like that it very tough to understand where market will be moves if you see market volatility you see that one red candle is making but after a second it was formed a green that why you can’t take trades on Wednesdays market.

Always follow discipline in market because if you avoid these next day market will be avoid you. Wednesday’s market was negative trading session. Hope that Thursday expiry will be as good as arils expiry. All sectors closes on red. options trading sounds risky and complex most of the times. some of the basic strategies you can use them and  understand the risk. If you think price of stocks will be fall you can choose the option put.

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